Looking up to the heavens

Inside the Pantheon, Rome


The Pantheon has always been one of the most interesting locations in Rome and so 2018 was the very first time we visited it. Rome can be so busy and indeed the Pantheon was too but not as intense as other parts of the city can be, where you need to visit extremely early to get some room! The Pantheon is stunning and one of the oldest buildings in Rome. Interestingly the current day building is not the original, the first was badly damaged in a fire and the second was built by Emporor Hadrian around 2000 years ago.

The aperture in the ceiling or in fact the Oculus as it is correctly known is it's most stand out feature with the beam of light that shifts around the interior like a giant sundial, works very well for photographs, in true dramatic form.

Converting the image to black and white worked better whilst editing in post-production than retaining the original colour version that I captured on the day.

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